The main areas of my playing/composing are contemporary jazz, jazz-influenced Brazilian music and jazz fusion that bears aesthetic elements of Indian classical music.  My compositions range from solo to orchestral works, including my recent work: Silk Road Concerto for Guitar, Piano and Modern Chamber Group -  https://soundcloud.com/guystrazz/sets/silk-road-double-concerto-for-guitar-piano-and-chamber-group

Some of my collaborations include guitarists: Martin Taylor, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Mike Stern and Slava Grigoryan.  

One of the objectives of this site is to promote knowledge through literature/articles such as improvisation, music education, the guitar and cognition. So, please visit from time to time to see if anything may interest you or you may wish to contribute an article. Please listen to some of the tracks below or visit the MP3 lounge.