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Hello and many thanks for visiting my website. The main areas of my playing are in jazz, Brazilian music, and intercultural fusion  of Afro-Brazilian, Indian classical, and jazz idioms.   My compositions range from solo to orchestral works, linking tradition and experimentation, and acoustic and synthesised sounds.     


I have studied music in Europe, Australia, India and America, obtaining a PhD researching improvisation,  and an MA (Hons) in intercultural improvisation & composition. I have performed internationally and have received several CD nominations, a Jazz APRA Award and two Nominations, an Indie Acoustic Project Nomination in the US, the prestigious  Australian Council for the Arts Music Fellowship, and a PhD Excellence Research Scholarship. I am actively involved in performing and composing, teaching guitar, composition, and ethnomusicology.


Anyway, I hope you find what you're looking for and enjoy some of the sounds here below or in the MP3 lounge. Perhaps you'd like to subscribe to this site and receive a newsletter once in a while.