The main areas of my playing are modern jazz, jazz-influenced Brazilian choro and jazz fusion that bears aesthetic elements of Indian classical music. My compositions range from solo to orchestral works, including my latest work: Silk Road Concerto for Guitar, Piano and Modern Chamber Group -  https://soundcloud.com/guystrazz/sets/silk-road-double-concerto-for-guitar-piano-and-chamber-group

Since completing a PhD, I have been working on a journal article on the process of improvisation in composition and performance. In addition, I  am in the final stages of completing a guitar book that provides an insight into constructive and creative practice that integrates theory, musicianship, guitar studies and improvisation within the spectrum of an innovative approach to the fretboard. 

One of the objectives of this site is to promote knowledge through literature/articles related to improvisation, the guitar and music cognition. So, please visit from time to time to see if anything may interest you.