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Blue Phoenix030





About Stern (G Strazz) from Blue Phoenix (ABC Jazz/Universal)

Naima (J Coltrane) from Blue Phoenix (ABC Jazz/Universal)


Sandip & Guy Strazz Demo CD cover





Heaven 7 (Strazz) from Calcutta Express (Underscore Records)

Yoga (Strazz/Chatterjee)  from Calcutta Express (Underscore Records)


The Riddle032





The Riddle (Strazz) from The Riddle (ABC Jazz/EMI)


Guy Strazz_Eastern Blues CD_cover-1_ARIAS





Tina the Healer (Strazz)  from Eastern Blues (Rufus/Universal)

Mingus Ashes in the Ganges (Strazz)  from Eastern Blues (Rufus/Universal)







Pacifica (Strazz) from Frangipani (ABC JAzz/Universal)

Lamento Do Morros (Garoto) from Frangipani (ABC JAzz/Universal)


2 @ 1  CD cover reduced size





Ode to Zawi (Strazz) from 2@1 (Birdland)







Mandela (Strazz) Guy & Slava Grigoryan duet version (ABC 1st Edition)


A Thousand Beautiful Things (Annie Lennox) Guy Strazz – all instruments