Guild Starfire, Fender amps and strings  http://www.fender.com.au/

No Longer an endorsement since Fender Australia dropped the Guild brand, but I have used this since 2001. I played it on Frangipani, the Jazz APRA nominated album(ABC/Universal). Below is a sample of its sound from the track Himalaya, played through a 40w Fender Hot-Rod De-Ville.


Yamaha Silent Classical Guitar SLG130NW http://www.yamahabackstage.com.au/artists/yamaha-guitar/Guy-Strazz.asp

I have played this guitar more than any other because I can practice on it day or night without disruption to anyone; I have played it on long flights in total privacy It has some cool on board features such as reverb, EQ, Aux input that drive the B Band piezo. With a good quality preamp it comes into it’s own as a good quality performing instrument. Its dismountable, compact design, makes it ideal for travel/touring.

AER Classic 60 acoustic amp   http://www.guitarfactory.com.au/ I have used this amp since my performances at Japan Expo 2005; everyone knows how good it is. (Courtesy of Guitar Factory Sydney)

Godin – Multiac Nylon SA and Custom 59 (Dynamic Music Australia)