Eastern Blues Quartet

Guy Strazz Eastern Blues Quartet for web page

Guy Strazz  guitar        Aaron Flower  guitar 

     Hugh Fraser bass  Toby Hall  drums

PERFORMANCES by Guy Strazz groups include: Jazz Yatra International Jazz Festival (IJF) India, Melbourne IJF, Wangaratta IJF (Aus) Jakarta IJF (Indonesia), Clusone IJF Italy, Japan International Expo, Sydney Opera House The Studio, Adelaide International Guitar Festival.

Live performance comments
‘The mighty Guy Strazz and the Eastern Blues Quartet, Oh. My. God!Ben Panucci, director @ Jazzgroove

Brilliant! David Rasko (spectator and guitarist)

EBQ – Blending aspects of jazz, Indian, blues and Latin music. In fact, the word “aspects” is probably redundant, so completely are the component parts integrated, providing the players with unique rhythmic and melodic fields upon which to unleash their improvising skills’.  J. Shand SMH


Eastern Blues (© Guy Strazz 2012/Rufus/Universal Music Publishing)

Mingus Ashes in the Ganges (© Guy Strazz 2012/Rufus/Universal Music Publishing)

Heaven 7  (© Guy Strazz 2012/Rufus/Universal Music Publishing)


CD in Review

* ‘Eastern Blues takes influence from Ravi Shankar and the Coltranes to name just a few – an approach coupled with a strong sense of the improvisational elements of Indian music. Silk Road” is once again recorded and must be considered one of the most attractive jazz guitar melodies this country has produced’. Impressive **** Jazz & Beyond


* Eastside Radio’s album of the week is Eastern Blues by the Guy Strazz Quartet.

Whilst the theme is undeniably acoustic guitar jazz, elements of flamenco, Eastern European and Indian flavours all play their part in diversifying the release from other acoustic guitar releases. The album is an excellent execution of stimulating contemporary acoustic jazz music. The synergy of the quartet is tight, and the result is undeniably a jazz sound with world influences as opposed to world styled acoustic guitar music. It is this achievement that makes Eastern Blues such a special release, and credit must go to the quartet who carefully manage not to get lost in these world genres but rather learn and use techniques from them with the utmost subtlety and precision, with the result being a superbly produced piece of modern cross-cultural jazz music. Sammi Al

I heard . Mingus Ashes in the Ganges on ABC 702 this afternoon whilst driving and was sweating on the announcer giving the details! Awesome track and i shall now have to seek out the album.Cheers ! Tim O’Brien

‘I am listening to Guy Strazz Eastern Blues as i write. Wonderful!’ Robbie Buck ABC Radio

Guy Strazz_Eastern Blues


Purchase from:  http://itunes.apple.com/au/artist/guy-strazz-quartet/id536056288