Passionfruit Trio


Passionfruit Trio 2
Passionfruit Trio is a collaborative vehicle for the experimental works of guitarist Guy Strazz. The trio includes Keith Manning on Indian and Middle Eastern percussion, Michel Latumaelissa on 5-string electric bass and Guy on an 8-string guitar vina and classical guitar.

For the past twenty years, since receiving an Australia Council Music Fellowship for his experimental work, Guy’s compositions and improvisation have continued to produce carefully crafted music synthesis that reflects his extensive knowledge and skill in Latin music, Indian classical music, Jazz and Western classical music.

Passionfruit Trio’s music explorations have been forged by renown artists such as Sandy Evans, Bobby Singh and Matt McMahon, performances at venues such as the Sydney Opera House, the Melbourne Jazz Festival, Adelaide Guitar Festival, and Japan Expo, and compositions released on labels such as Tall Poppies Records, Birdland Records, ABC Music and Underscore Records (India).       


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Passionfruit Trio not only eased people into a Sunday morning evilly truncated by daylight saving, but then electrified them”. Wangaratta International Jazz Festival, John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald.

Passionfruit- Big Notes at the Riverside Theatre, Parramatta: “Talented, impeccably precise and passionate group of musicians. The atmosphere created resembles a lounge-room more than a theatre, as the ensemble draws the audience in closer, allowing a bond with the music which is both captivating and uplifting”. Sandra Hattingh, The Epoch Times.

 ‘I am listening to Passionfruit Trio as I write. Wonderful!’ Robbie Buck ABC Radio



Teena De Healer (© Guy Strazz/Universal Music Publishing)

Fijindia (© Guy Strazz/Universal Music Publishing)

Heaven 7  (© Guy Strazz/Universal Music Publishing)




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